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Going on Break...

I will miss all my wonderful sponsors and i love you all so very much.

More on my health:
My health has been up and down due to the weather. Rain, snow, & air pressure changes  makes me very ill.  So it is sometimes hard to make blog post deadlines. I know many of my sponsors are very understanding, but i do not like missing posts. I am a very prideful person (one of my worst traits and best traits all in one), and feel very badly when i can not meet deadlines.

Rl Job Info:
I am a photographer in rl and its wedding season.  So i find balancing my job with my health, editing photos, and then taking sl photos for my blog is just to much for me. 
I want to keep my sl store active and keep making items. I find balancing my store  and making blog posts is to much. So i had to make a hard choice. And decided to stick to my sl store and keep making items  and take a break from blogging.

So with that I say thank you to all my great sponsors. You all are so amazing and i love you all. <3 and thankyou to all my followers whom read my blogs and liked my blog photos.

My store :North Moon: will remain up and running.

feel free to still follow me, I will blog from time to time. But not as much as I use to.


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