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Hitting the Road {Be back Soon!}

Hey every one, starting tomorrow at 3 am, I will no longer be home. I will not be on Secondlife May 1st- 5th. If you have any problems, IM me, they will be sent to my email, which i can check with my phone (if my service provider likes the area lol). We are heading off to South Dakota for a fun filled trip. Something this wanderlust of a heart really needs!

Fashion Details Skirt: *Scan-dal-ous* Girly *skirt*
Shirt: .:BG:.  Bellydance Costumes & Props-Belly BOHO:. Gift
BackPack:OOTB 80th Day Critter Backpack Kids Weathered Rose
Chest Tattoo:.::BT::. Troll Face *red* (tattoo from this outfit)
Hip Tattoo:*Scan-dal-ous* Live Hard
Huggable Dog:Birdy. Boston Buddy - Cuddle -
Pocket Dog:.Birdy. Pocket pet {Frenchy} Gray {gacha}
Sim: Birdy Skins Mainstore Sim (its so pretty!)

5 Facts 'bout me

I am Gonna be out of town May 1st- 5th So I thought why not a little Tuesday Bonus post,  with a little love thrown in. So here is a outfit I put together the I very much love. Its me.  And I would totally wear this in rl too. I know a lot of people wear stuff in sl they would never wear in rl, but I would and have worn stuff like this in rl. Hiking boots and beanies always scream my name yous guys!
So firstly Details: Sim Details: Hair: TRUTH HAIR Katya -  colours Shirt: Ninety -Hush  Bear Sweater Mesh @ Comic Fashion Fair Skirt:Ninety- Bubbles Paris Mesh(skirt from it) @Comic Fashion Fair Boots: =[DarkSide]=Brown boots (20 L on mp)
Skin:.Birdy. Maisie Skin VIP gift <3

Next, for this bonus post. 5 Realife/Secondlife facts about me. As I feel like letting yous guys know a little more about meh.
5 Facts about me FACT 1: I was born/raise/grow up/live in Minnesota, Usa. A lot of people from other states have told me I have a Canada accent. I a…

Friend Like you

Today my in my post, I am futuring a item that was made by my bestie/model/sl sister/ - Rosy! If you haven't heard of her store Rosetta's Garden, Be sure to check it out On MP, Or In world! In world It is upstairs in the K-Pie Designs main Store! This outfit brought me places. Wearing this you could put together a bad butted steam punk super hero outfit, a Pirate outfit,a rebel outfit, a medieval outfit. This outfit with the right accessories can be great for anything! (Corsets and ruffles go with everything in my head.) I finally (after playing with tons of accessories that all looked good) Settled on this arrangement!

Fashion Details
Dress: {Rosetta's Garden} Swordsmith's Daughter
Holster:D2K GACHA - Fully Loaded blk (Was from Luck of Irish gacha fair)
Fishnets:BT- Pure Evil (Fish nets from the outfit)
Heels:Blackburns 19th Century Classic Lace-Up Booties Black
Hair:::Exile:: Unwritten Lyrics::Chardonnay
Nails:DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Fishnet Fetish - Naturals

One Day

MONDAY Bonus Post! I Am on a role my little Punkin pies!  Inspired by super Heros and friends!
Hair:*Milk* Hair~ Royals *Pastels*
Shoes:-Silly, Spoiled, Whore-Rockstar shoes 03
Nails:*~*HopScotch*~* US of A Fingernails (Slink Enhancement)
Shorts:  [VG] High waist shorts-Black

@ The Comic Fashion Fair
Shirt:NS::  Mesh bOOm Top-Gift
Lips: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Latex lips- Flames -Gacha-
Head Kitty:-SSW- Kitty Kawai Head 05-Gacha-
Necklace:..:: OPOPOP Design // Gift // Comics Fair ::..-Gift-
Bangles:Legal Insanity - the comic bangles!-Gift-
Pocket:[geek.] Bubble Pop Shorts -Shooter- Pak

Much Thanks To The Rosy Side Of Things For being my shopping buddy the other day, and for giving me her Lipstick extras! Love you girl!

Many Miles

Went shopping with my bestie Rosy at the comic fashion
 fair and found this adorable dress! Be sure to check out her blog. The Rosy Side Of Things
 Fashion Details
 Hair:Exile::Falling For You -Pastels
Heels:Blackburns Victorian Lace & Zip Wedge Heels
Nails:Xanthe's Lovely lace Slink fingernail appliers 
Skirt+Top:Ninety- Bubbles Paris Mesh "OUTFIT" @ The Comic Fashion Fair

New Perspective

 Fashion Details
 Hair:*Milk* Hair~ Royals
Bellow Items are From The Comic Fashion Fair
Shirt:FBD Exclusive gift The comic fair
Skirt:[fashion zombie] VIP Comic Kiss Outfit - Joker & Harley Quinn {skirt from it}
Heels:_RD Style_Purple Buckle Ankle Boots

Girl Power

 Bonus Post! Have a wonderful Easter everybody! More  Post tomorrow!
Fashion Details Hair:.ploom. Love - Pastels Shoes:*Epic* Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear {Boot Version} Nails:Xanthe's Lovely lace Slink fingernail appliers
Bellow Items Are At The Comic Fashion Fair Glasses:TCF-Envyme Female Glasses- Gifts Shirt:.::FLG::. TCF  - Female Gift (power princess) Skirt:Ninety- You Belong Whit Me Heart Pink  Skirt Mesh Lips: ::Tabou Irresistible:: Latex lips- Jellyfish
Thanks to rosy whom gave me her extras from the Tabou lipstick Gacha! If it wasn't for her My lips wouldn't have looked this good! Check out her blog <3The Rosy side of Things


"Let me be your hero..."

So me and Rosy went to The Comic Fashion fair....and I went a little crazy. Was just a little sad I didn't much with hulk or Wolverineon it. I did get one thing with Wolverine but that will be in later posts.

I love Old Enrique Iglesias songs. I don't like his new songs so much. To much computer techo crap.

FASHION DETAILS Hair:::Exile:: Unwritten Lyrics::Chardonnay
Bellow Items are From The Comic Fashion Fair
Glasses:::EnvyMe:: JO SunGlasses Punk-Gift
Mouthie:[geek.] Geeks Unite Mouffie -RARE-
Necklace:[geek.] Geeks Unite Pass -Pink/Yellow-
Tank:FBD Comic crop tops gatcha Fly with me-Gacha-
Pants:.::FLG::. HellLeggings - Blue
Nails: ::Dark Passions:: - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Halftone Havoc -  Gift
LipStick:::Tabou Irresistible:: Latex lips- Pink-Gacha Purse: :Eclectic Stars - Captivating Comics Purse #2
Thanks to rosy whom gave me her extras from the Tabou lipstick Gacha!. If …

Walk by

Fashion Details
Hair:[e] Return - Colour 09 (Retired :( )
Shirt:*Scan-dal-ous * Player -black-
Pants with Leg: *Epic Bombastic* Button-Fly Digi Jeans {Light Blue}
Nails:DP - Koffin Nails -  Mirror Mirror  -  TSG Hunt Vanity
Tattoo: *Scan-dal-ous * Live Hard
Orange Leg:*Epic* Lost Analog TV Signal Faun Tech Boot {Orange}
Found @ Gatcha til the BittR.end  Horns:!TLB - Dainty Horns/Rose 
Choker:K-Pie Designs: Gothic Choker {Clown} RARE Found @ The Happy Bunny Gacha Fair Mouthie:.twenty13. Mesh ID Badge - Trust No One


Fashion Details  Dress/Cardigan: K-Pie Designs: Arrow
.R:R. The Kelly Leggings
Eye Shadow: ~R3i~ Sakura's Eye Makeup
Boots:Blackburns Victorian Lace & Zip Wedge Heels
Hair:*Milk* Hair~ Royals *Pastels*
Glasses:.:MidiNette:. KyaryPonPon Glasses - SweetPink (Ribbon)
Nails:!twink!SLink AvEnhancement Nail Hud-SavetheTatas
Lips:-Nemezi-Glossy Red (Teeth)
Book pose: !bang - book stack
Small Books:{what next} Coastal Cottage Books
Big Brown Books:Low Prim Office Furniture By Myles Cooper
Book Shelf In background:LAQ Decor ~ White - Main Bookcase


Pink for my mother, Pastels for Easter...
From Mint hair to pink. I might keep it.

 My mother Surgery went very well. They believe they got it all, and they didn't  see anything in her limp nodes in her armpits. They sent everything for more testing, to double check .They said it is T2 Momo Breast cancer ductile. Which I guess is the most common type in woman over 50. ( shes 49) Its caused by intolerance to estrogen. We just have to wait for the rest of the test to come back, to know the next move. The same day of her surgery was also the 1st day I had ever met my husband, so i was hoping, because of that it would give us luck. And  guess it did, because they didn't find anything in her limp nodes.
 sadly tho that day wasn't good day for Charles Trippy, one of my fav. people from We the Kings. Him and his wife are getting separated, he annouced it alone, on their youtube channel CTFXC. Which is a shock, cuz they seemed so happy on the youtube channel. But as a wife and a mother I…

Darkest Of your days

My mothers going in to Surgery tomorrow to get the lump out, I am very nervous. All of my sisters and em are going to support her. As they take the lump out they are going to check and see if it made its way to the limp nodes in her arm pit. I pray it didn't. So with this post, though its sweet and innocent, inside I am a raging sea of worries.
 DETAILS Nails:*[Starry Heaven]* Cotton Candy Nails
Dress:[Yulicie] Dolly
Hair:Magika [03] Forget
Purse:.Atomic. Scout Bag {Gacha} - 6 {Cutie Moon Fair}
Cat:Birdy/Alchemy - Lunar Kitten  - Black - Pink {Cutie Moon Fair}
Shoes/leg warmers: Blueberry- Kimmy *Mesh* Legwarmers with Sneakers Flowers

"To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days
"I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart, in your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time"

New soul

The Happy Bunny fair is gonna be starting the 14th Of April!

Details Hair:Exile::Falling For You Pastels
Dress:AsHmOoT  -SS Coll  FROU FROU Minidress Azure&Orange
Sucker:  From the Sweet Moon Candy by Poche (Rosy gave me one ^_^)
Tears:::Miss Murder::-Tears Collection
Nails:Xanthe's-Lovely Lace
Purse:K-Pie Design: O'Deer {SkyBubble}  ( @ The Happy Bunny Fair)
Boots: F.K Lola Boots  (Has hud with 12 colors to pick!) Necklace:Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace (Cute) (From, Luck of Irish Fair -now over)

Over My head

Details  Hair:::Exile::  Wild Horses:Crystal
Shirt: K-Pie Designs:Better then Barbie
Shoes:* Scan-dal-ous*-Take Over *sneaker
Nails:DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Mirror Mirror - TSG Hunt
*Epic* Kyoot Succubus' Heart Tail {Flesh}-{Style 1}-
Tears: ::Miss Murder::-Tears Collection
Hip Tattoo: *Scan-dal-ous*- Live Hard

Pirate Flag

I am hanging out in the place I always hang out when I need to relax. Sorry If I haven't been posting as much. Alot on my mind.

DETAILS Hair:*Milk* Hair~ Royals *Pastels*
Stockings:~*Moolala*~Sayo DK Gray Pattern
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - Slink Nails HUD - Fishnet Fetish - Naturals
Outfit: K-Pie Designs-Plans
Shoes: Scan-dal-ous-Take Over *sneaker

Fight Mama'

This is probably going to be one of the most personal rl post's on my sl blog I have ever done. Only really close friends really ever hear my troubles. I am a meek person, I am shy, But I am also Stronger then I look. I've been through a lot. But this post Isn't about me. Its about my Ma'ma. I called my mother the day we where  to  set off to go to watch her dogs. She told me some news, that wasn't cheerful. My mom found out she has breast cancer.  I always thanked god for no one in my family ever having to deal with this, but I guess with the way the world is, it was just a matter of time that one of us would get some type of cancer.  I know a few close friends, who struggle with other types of cancer, so I have always been a supporter of anything that raised money for a cure.  But even tho knowing it was possible. It still hits me to the core of my being. My mother, the bravest person I've ever known, a woman who has been through a lot. I can't help but say "why her…