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Be Inspired- Day 41

Hey guys, Today I am blending alot of my wonderful sponsors together because.. its like they  are ALL on the same wave link this time! or at least On the same wave link of MY style.  This right here is something I would wear in rl. Tanks... are my best friend in rl, same with jeans,Buns and cute hair pieces! So SCORE!
- Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Asha Non-Rig Mesh  {Group Gift} - Headpiece:::Bad Apple Designs:: Cupcake Anonymous Hunt Starts Feb 1st {Hint:: Twinkle Twinkle little star!!! } - Tank:Sky -Go To Tank Top Jewel Tones -Teal-NEW - Tattoo:Speakeasy :: Worst Enemy Tattoo  - Necklace: KOSH- OLEN NECKLACE - Earrings: KOSH- SELVA OSCURA EARRLINGS - Jeans:::Bad Apple Designs:: Lucy Jeans  @ CarnEvil started 1/25/15 - Boots:Sky - Stormy Boots Black - Poses:  ~Just Posing~ Kawaii Girl (5) ~Just Posing~ Kawaii Girl (3) ~Just Posing~ Kawaii Girl (1) New at mainstore
{Note to readers: Phone booth NOT included in poses,
 I just found a random one and posed by it.}

Be Inspired- Day 40

* Pose -~Just Posing~. Take Me   New release. L$25  Me *
little bones. Nightingale - Blondes 
Sky - Bailee Dress 6 Color *

K-Pie Designs:Harm None Wiccan {Slink Finger&toenails}NEW Hubby * Hair *Drot* - The Jeremy 2.0 - Black Ice * Jeans <kal rau> Jeans (I think these  jeans are retired)

Be Inspired- Day 39

Feeling a little moody atm, so I thought I'd so a double post today.   I just wish I wasn't so moody atm.  I think my dog isn't feeling the best,I think his age might be getting to him. :( He has been having to go pee a lot more...which means one of two things, and both are a sign age is finely catching up to him.He is almost 12. If it keeps up one more day, I will Bring him in to see if its anything alarming, like Chronic kidney Failure. Lets hope its just nothing. It has been warmer out, so maybe hes just bugging me to go out to enjoy and just pees cause hes out there, I doubt its that tho cause hes started to wake me up at night.
* Hair little bones. Nightingale - Blondes   * Dress Sky - Bailee Dress 6 Color * Necklace KOSH- OLEN NECKLACE   * Earrings KOSH- SELVA OSCURA EARRLINGS L$1 On Marketplace * Tattoo Speakeasy :: Worst Enemy Tattoo *  Nails K-Pie Designs:Harm None Wiccan {Slink Finger&toenails}NEW * Pose  [Expressive Poses]  - Candice {Mp L$1 }

Be Inspired- Day 38

* Hair little bones. Nightingale - Blondes   * Outfit(top,skirt,shoes) MAMUTH DISCO PINK OUTFIT *  Tights MoDANNA[[Myriade Collection] Wool Tights Black * Poses [Expressive Poses ] - Rita FREE Free On Market Place 

Be Inspired-Day 37

Today I bring you a cute collab with my best friend and soul sister Rosy,  from The Rosy Side of Things. Its been such a long time since we did a collab together, I have missed doing these with her! We both thought being as I was in my male shape and skin why not do a few of our couple poses from our sponsors. So for my part of the collab I bring a warm and loving pose  by~Just Posing~.  Be sure to Check out the other part of the collab over at rosy blog -HERE- Pose-~Just Posing~. Take Me   New release. L$25 
 -Note to readers I edited where the arms sit on the Shoulders ,
I will be posting a blog post in a few days with the pose unedited.
to see the pose unedited look *here*, My brain is a dork sometimes and when I 
edited the height I put the hands in the wrong place! DUMB BRAIN!-
***Hazy Mcnutters*** (Me in male shape and skin)
Hair:*~*Damselfly*~* Cameron  @N21, January 21 - February 12 Skin:  JSTYLE-::SKIN ERNESTO:: MED. 1 Outfit: FashionNatic-Aster Male Outfit Eyes:[Bird Next door] Aqu…

Be Inspired-Day 36

I thought I would mix it up a little today. Normally my husband poses with me or poses male stuff for me,  but sometimes that can be hard to do.  So I today I am embracing me Alter ego (LMAO) and dug out my male skin & shape I use for modeling my male items. Me and rosy from The Rosy Side of things, have dubbed him 'Hazy McNutter. ' So if you guys  run into me and I'm a guy...I am more then likely doing a blog post or modeling for a item. Also heads up to all stores Looking for MALE bloggers, I am looking for a few sponsors for male items. 

* Hair *~*Damselfly*~* Cameron  @N21, January 21 - February 12
* Outfit FashionNatic-Aster Male Outfit
* Eyes [Bird Next door] Aqua Eye {5 Linden On Market Place -Comes with a female Shape}
* Pose [Expressive Poses ] - Noah  1 Linden On MarketPlace

Be Inspired-Day 35

Hey all, have you went to this round  of OMG - Oh My Gacha! yet?  I stopped by just to see what they had, and of course ending up getting a few things. Also  My Sexy hair by Damselfly can be found @ The Fantasy Collective
* Hair *~*Damselfly*~*Alba Rigged-Mesh The Fantasy Collective
* Necklace Crescent Moon-Pentacle Necklace ~ Pink pearls & Gold ~  Free on Marketplace

* Shirt  Lark - Jade Blouse 9  Mainstore temporarily closed
* Gloves  *HolliPocket* Look Into My Set-Grey @OMG - Oh My Gacha!
* Purse  Pink Acid- Plastic Locket Of Love Clutch - Golden RARE @OMG - Oh My Gacha!
* Skirt  Neverwood//. Truth or Consequences Skirt - Sand- @OMG - Oh My Gacha!
* Nails K-Pie Designs:Harm None Wiccan {Slink Finger&toenails}NEW

Be Inspired-Day 34

I know I know, Its not Christmas anymore, whats with the deer mask? Lately I have developed love for deer. Like one would love puppies (I also love puppies lol) So thus why I have worn this deer necklace countless times and why I am wearing this mask, I think It was a Free gift at the last round of the Arcade. I am not sure if you can get it anymore.

Hair:little bones. Nightingale - Blondes   * Shirt:~Sugar button boutique~Long sleeved Tank dress- Zipped Pink {Free Group Gift}   * Leggins:L'Douce Push -Black- Leggings * Purse: [geek.]  Rupee Bag -Pink- * Mask: Birdy/Foxes - Arcade Xmas Gift - Deer Cutie - Mask  * Nails:K-Pie Designs:Love Me {Slink  Nails} NEW * Heels: MAMUTH CRISTAL ICEPINK HIGH SLINK SHOES NEW  * Necklace-Izzie's - Reindeer Necklace (Can Change Gem color!) ONLY 150 L on MP
Pose:~Just Posing~ Seduction Group Gift
-part of a Poem/Song by Andrew lang

Be Inspired-Day 33

Hair:~*Damselfly*~ Hattie  @Project Limited January 15 - January 29  * Shirt: ::Bad Apple Designs:: Boyfriend Shirt Light (Comes with Color hud!) @ Mainstore Saturday Sale(Starts Jan 17th)- 75 L Per Pack * Leggins:L'Douce Push -Black- Leggings * Socks:L'Douce Push Toeless Socks (BLUE) * Shoes:REIGN.- Lavie Boots- Black * Mouse:[geek.] STILL TRYIN' -Blue @We <3 Rp January 5 - 31
* Face Hud: Face Animation HUD 1.4

{159 Lindens On Marketplace}  * Nails:K-Pie Designs:Love Me {Slink  Nails} NEW  More Detailed Image of nail hud -here-
* Full Body Pose: ~Just Posing~ Cutie * Half Body Pose: [Expressive Poses ] - Rita FREE Free On Market Place  *

Be Inspired-Day 32

Today I bring you a very Cute Outfit By MAMUTH, It cames with the top, that has a cute open back,adorable Skirt, and sexy heels that are for Slink HIGH feet.  Also a new set of nails from K-Pie Designs, that is only 40 Linden for the 4 pack. 

Hair:little bones. Nightingale - Blondes 
Nails:K-Pie Designs:Love Me {Slink  Nails} NEW
Pose:[Expressive Poses ] - Rita FREE Free On Market Place 

Be Inspired-Day 31

I am back for now. I found it hard to not blog, it seemed like I felt more yucky without having something to distract me. Tho Friday night.... with the headache I  had, I couldn't look at any screens. I was wearing sunglasses in the house at night. LMAO! 
So anyways today I bring you some super cute Items FromSky. Plus this really cute hair, that was a Christmas gift Fromlittle bones. , That I totally love. Love so much so that I gave in and bought the blonde pack right after I took this photo. And my pose (does not include the mic, I just felt like standing by it.) Is a FREE group gift from ~Just Posing~.

Hair:little bones. Nightingale - MERRY CHRISTMAS! {Group GIFT}
Outfit:Sky - Valentina Dress 6 Pack (comes with texture hud!!)
{NEW At Mainstore!}
Leggins:L'Douce Push -Black- Leggings
Heels:Sky - Melody Wedges @My Slink Obsession-Slink West
Pose:~Just Posing~ Seduction Group Gift
Ears:*Midnight Lotus*Auricle Mesh Ears

I Need To Rest My eyes {Be back soon}

Just  roller coaster of problems with my health lately. I need to take time for myself. Love you all. I'll be back in a week. I plan on staying away from the comp. If you have any Problems IM me in secondlife and it will go to my email which I will try to check once a day.  Love ya!
Edit:I am back :)

Be Inspired-Day 30

I am so sorry for my lack of posts! Not the best start to a new year. I am going through a lot in Real life. My body is not being my best friend. Please hang in there with me, this to shale pass!
Anyways My husband is half Chinese so we also celebrate Chinese New Year,  which is Thursday, February 19.  So here is a early Chinese new year post!  Its the year of the sheep!

Hair:~*~*Damselfly*~*~(Antonio)  {This is a Male hair, but I liked it ;p} @The Seasons Story January 10 - 31

Hair Base:little bones. Shaved Hair Bases (Brown)
Ears:*Midnight Lotus*Auricle Mesh Ears 
Shirt:~*By Snow*~ Year of the Sheep 2015 F Tshirt  Free Gift On Marketplace
Nails:K-Pie Designs:Year Of The Sheep Nails {Slink} {Only 40 Lindens!}
Pants: AMERICAN BAZAAR Shiny Jeans Black
Heels:Sky- Liza Stilettos @My Slink Obsession-Slink West
Mouse:[geek.] STILL TRYIN' -Purple @We <3 Rp January 5 - 31

Pose:{ Champloo } Ai *Dollarbie* PosePack  {5 Lindens On Market Place}

Be Inspired-Day 29

* Hair-*~*Damselfly*~*Livley Rigged-Mesh @We <3 Rp January 5 - 31
 * Hair Candy-::Bad Apple Designs:: Lolli Sticks (wearing 4, Rare,3)  @OMGacha 1/10/15-LM soom
 * Top And Skirt- Sky-Breelee Outfit {Comes with Texture Hud}
* Nails- K-Pie Designs:Slink Avatar Enhancement-Fingernails {Pitty Love}
* Pose-~Just Posing~ Cutie

Be Inspired-Day 28

First Post of the New year!  A fresh start, and the best time to start living your dreams! Forget the past and Move on!  But dont forget about FROST...ITS ALMOST OVER.  Do Not miss out, It ends tomorrow!!!  Don't be sad tho, Oneword (dream themed) just started, and  We <3 Rp Starts on the 5th!

* Hair :*~*Damselfly*~*Livley Rigged-Mesh @We <3 Rp January 5 - 31

* Headband K-Pie Designs:New Years HeadBand Unisex  {Free Group Gift -Group is free to Join Tell Midnight tonight!}

* Sweater {joli}  Obnoxious Oversized Sweaters @ FROST Dec 13th-Jan 3rd
* Mouse [geek.]  Hero Mouse - Purple
@Oneword Jan 1st - Jan 15th, 2015
* Tights L'Douce Push  -ALIEN- Leggings Free Group Gift!
* Heels REIGN.- High Society Heels

* Rug CREATIVE STUDIO - Holidays Carpet
{Free Gift On Marketplace} No longer free
* Pose Photo One ~Just Posing~Weather Outside
New Beginnings & Hunt!
* Poses Photo Two [Expressive Poses ] - Rita FREE Free On Market Place