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Angel Lips

Fashion Details Hair:Exile-Desperately Wanting Dark Blondes {250 L} Necklace:Miam Miam Jewelry Lips Charm Necklace{ONLY 10 L} Dress:Badazzle Designs: Time Consuming {right now its 100L has hud with 6 different colors!} Leggins:OUTRAGE.R:R. Floral Blouse and Lace Tights {10 L!} Shoes::Silly, Spoiled, Whore:-SSW- Rockstar shoes 03{15 L atm, its a 24hr sale it says} Nails:Bows~n~ButterfliesNailz ~SwEeThEaRtZ *GIFT*~ prim nails for Valentine's Day{1 L!}

Them Eyes

Fashion Details Hair:Wasabi Pills Kumi Pony Mesh Hair - Browns Pack (PanCake Color) {250 Linden} NeckLace:Miam Miam Jewelry Yummy Charm Jewelry Set {10 Linden On Marketplace} Shirt:KATHAARIAN Airashi Top - Kawaii Eyes - (Mesh) {135 Linden} Leggins: OUTRAGE.R:R. The Kelly Leggings{10 Lindens on Marketplace} Boots:Blackburns 19th Century Classic Lace-Up Booties Black {FREE!}

I want to thank my best friend Rosy for getting me the shirt for xmas. I <3 it!

Party Hard

Outfit Details *Pants::Zup:Mesh Lowrise Leggings Bohemian Brown GIFT {1 Linden On mp}
*Shirt:CCD CCD Mesh Shirt 2014 Grey {1 Linden On mp}
*Glasses:Vioku Jefferson 2014 Glasses {1 Linden On Mp}
*HeadBow: K-Pie-Designs 2014 Bow 6 Colors !L$1 LIMITED NUMBER!{SOLD OUT!!}
*Boots: Evale  From the Outfit Look 06 - PROMO-ONLY 49L- Complete Outfit {49 L om Mp for whole outfit}
*Tail:*Epic*Kyoot Succubus' Heart Tail {Flesh}-{Style 2}-[Stomach] {79 Linden In world}
*Hair:::Exile:: Unwritten Lyrics:: Blacks{250 Linden}

Im Really a Sweeite

Fashion Details: Dress and Pants- ::badazzle designs:: Pretty Girl ONLY 85 Linden at this time! Hair- :Exile: Wild horses Tail:*Epic* Kyoot Succubus' Heart Tail {Style 2} Boots:*Epic* Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear {Boot Version} [Vendor]

Adventures With a Rabbit

Fashion Details Hair:Eaters Coma Free Group Gift! Bracelet:!K&L! In from -Sexy Spring Faun Outfit- Only 50L! Shirt : Beetlebones FREE (Behind the desk) Bunny: Beetlebones50 L gotcha!
Necklace: Bird Next DoorVintage cage long chain ONLY 10 L!  Jeans:Badazzle - From Clean Slate Boots:Blackburns FREE!!

Let me know if you guys would like me to do more fashion post like this?

Inside each woman

Inside each woman is a gay guy just screaming to come out!
Okay so when i design and model male stuff I always log my husband avi on, pass him the already made stuff, and then model it. But sometimes after all my hard work, the outfits dont look good on guys... I don't notice this UNTIL after I've put all the work into making it. SO I decided to look into getting a male skin and shape for my Account, So I can make male stuff more easily.
 I so hopped Over to Jstyle, as I know they have wonderfull group gifts, and sometimes have skins.  
I got what I needed! 
So  I put the skin and shape on, with out taking off a few of my tattoo layers...  LMAO!!!

I took a few things off, and found a really well priced (120 L!)hair from RedGrave to go with it all...

Whala. Not bad. (Yes I put him in a girl pose, deal with it.) 

Fashion Credits Hair-RedGrave Skin , Shape,eyes:Jstyle Pose: Champloo

Sorry Was MIA

Sorry I was MIA here. Been working on a lot of clothes and things. Today I went and check out Slink. While other people are wanting mesh boobies and Mesh butts. I just want Mesh Hands and Mesh feet. Is that sad? I think that Feet and Hands on avis are lacking. Boobs and butts are fine to me.  I can't get any hands right now, But I thought Id have a look. I added them to my Wish List.

Love them! Def gotta get some.
Do you think you want some?
Slink Main store In Sl