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Hey guys.... so its been a hot minute since I've wrote a blog post.  I  haven't been on second life for long while as well. Do to my physical and mental health. I took a break. I am sorry that I didn't really give you (my blog readers) a heads up. It was one of those things that I just had to do.
I can say I am doing a lot better now a days. I have been debating back and worth about coming back to secondlife. I miss blogging, and mixing and match outfits together. I miss that aspect a lot. 
So this post is me letting you all know  that I will be coming back in a month or so. I will be looking be looking for a maximum of 3 sponsors. So if you know of any stores... let me know! 
I am currently working on making a website blog, and moving from Blogspot. To something that can grow with me more. Once I have the website all set up I will start blogging again! I will be sure to make an announcement on here.

Also another announcement.... all the items on my secondlife marketplace…
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No, everyone's scared

Hair:Moon. Hair. // Smother - Reds 03 | Eye1:*Inkheart*  - Uran Eyes - Fame-right  |Eye2: * Inkheart * - Fantasy Eyes - Blue -left | Necklace: [Cynful] Graditute Choker - Slink Hourglass | Mask: **UrbanStreet** Real Gas Mask Gacha (Fem)Plastic Rare @The Nightmare Event | Top & Boots: [QE] Lilith Set /Coal/ | Leggins: #187# Leggings Neon Black | Pose::North Moon: Holding Back |  Skin:[Pink Fuel] Renee - Pure | Body & Hands: Slink | Sim Used:Raven Wood

Over the Rainbow....

I have been dealing with some heart ache.  We had to help our 14.5 year old dog cross the rainbow bridge last week. He was old and his body/organs were starting  to shut down. It was one of the toughest choices I have had to make. He was a rescue and we had only had him for 4.5 years but any one who ever met him, or ever has spoken to me knows He was my shadow and my world.....I miss him dearly, I find my self totally our of routine and a little lost... but i know tis never goodbye, it's only see you later.

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Peony Rigged Mesh Necklace: [Cynful] Gratitdute Choker Top & Bottom:FurtaCor*Sport Tribal::Neon Green- L$10 Gift @Hash 7colors 2017 EVENT - September  15-30th Face tears:**UrbanStreet** Bruise Eyes  Pose & Rug: :North Moon: Day Dreams - EXCLUSIVE @Hash 7colors 2017 EVENT - September  15-30th Nose ring:  :Forever Famous: Arrow Gold

Toes in the water...

Just stepping my tippy toes back into the water of blogging again, with this small little post highlighting two items for the next round of Hash tag: Hash 7colors of rainbow Which Starts on the 15th of september and ends the 30th
Click image to enlarge

Hashtag event items Hair: F.I.O.F.O Janni Hair Ombre  Eye Patch:<<Nevrose>> Suspended Monocle Black
Other details 
Nose piercing: Forever Famous: Arrow Gold
Lip Rig:~Tantalum~ Skeleton Hands Lip Piercings Dress: + black moon +Lydia Dress  Necklace:[Cynful] Gratitdute Choker  
Group Gift @ Main-Store Left eye(Photos left): * Inkheart * - Candy Eyes Right eye (Photos right): * Inkheart * - Fantasy Eyes - Blue  Skin: [Pink Fuel Renee - Pure Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Casual
Body:Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body Lips:.Loud Mouth. - Brandee Pose: :North Moon: Holding Back Pose set #1
 Sim used

Coming back

Hey sweeties!  So I will be coming back to blogging in the next few days/week. I am really excited to start blogging again. I missed it a lot. I want to make it my goal to try to make at least 1 blog post a week.  Anyways I missed you all very much  <3.
keep your eyes open as i'll be posting again soon. Much love & blessed be -Pie

Going on Break...

I will miss all my wonderful sponsors and i love you all so very much.

More on my health:
My health has been up and down due to the weather. Rain, snow, & air pressure changes  makes me very ill.  So it is sometimes hard to make blog post deadlines. I know many of my sponsors are very understanding, but i do not like missing posts. I am a very prideful person (one of my worst traits and best traits all in one), and feel very badly when i can not meet deadlines.

Rl Job Info:
I am a photographer in rl and its wedding season.  So i find balancing my job with my health, editing photos, and then taking sl photos for my blog is just to much for me. 
I want to keep my sl store active and keep making items. I find balancing my store  and making blog posts is to much. So i had to make a hard choice. And decided to stick to my sl store and keep making items  and take a break from blogging.

So with that I say thank you to all my great sponsors. You all are so amazing and i love you all. <3…

Inspired Me Challenge- Post #30

“The past is important. It is the past that helps make us who we are.”
Elizabeth Morgan, She-Wolf

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*India Rigged Mesh   @Fameshed, May 1 - May 28 Necklace: [Cynful] Gratitdute Choker   Group Gift @ Main-Store  Tattoo:**UrbanStreet**Hidden darkness tattoo-Middle @ The Dark Style Fair, May 1st - 22nd Outfit: !The Little Bat - Davina Outfit w/ HUD @ The Dark Style Fair, May 1st - 22nd Purse: #187# Skull Handbag Black @ The Dark Style Fair, May 1st - 22nd Pose::North Moon: Tammi pose 3
(Hand bag overrides hand animation)  Wolves:Alchemy - Dire Protector  Bracelet: OXIDE Bangles Set - Vicki Spikes {Left} @Rewind Opens May 10th
Mesh Body: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body Skin:[PinkFuel] Renee <Crystal> - Pure  Freckles:  ..:: AYA ::.. Lily - Pony Tail - Freckles {Retired}

Sim Used in this shoot (click)