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Art Of War

Its been awhile since Hazy Mcnutter Has been in a post. So..
ENJOY! Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Klint Non-Rigged Mesh
@N21, June 21 - July 12 * Shirt:**UrbanStreet** Tank Top (Feathers)
@Boys of Summer
* Skin: JSTYLE-::SKIN ERNESTO:: MED.  * Jeans/Shoes:FashionNatic-Aster Male Outfit * Eyes [Bird Next door] Aqua Eye {5 Linden On Market Place -Comes with a female Shape} *
Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** The Forest Tattoo

Pose: .snaphappy. I'm Sorry -(Empty Handed )
Fat Pack only L$ 185 On The  Marketplace

I Wont Back Down

Crown:*NAMINOKE*EMPRESS'S CROWN B #1 @CYOT  The Empress (June 15th-July1st)  * Hair:little bones. Nightingale - Blondes  * Ears:*Epic* Mesh Sylph Ears {Plain}  * Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** The Forest Tattoo
Necklace:Riske - Ambrose Steampunk Necklace Ash * Nails:K-Pie Designs:Brain Invader Nails {Slink} {4} Shopping for Pie  * Corset: -Pixicat- Temptation.Corset - Black nr.3 (m)
@ The Arcade
* Jeans: .SALT- Skinnies Ripped [BLACK DENIM]
* Heels:Sky - Angelina Ankle Bootie

Only Love Remains

Hair: MagikaBeans * Dress: BLOKC- Empress Dress - Black
@CYOT  The Empress (June 15th-July1st) * Necklace:BLOKC-Necklace Turqouise @CYOT  The Empress (June 15th-July1st) * Heels:#187# Betty Pump *
Leg Tattoo:/ INVADER! // Native Dreamer

Some Beach

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Lexique Rigged-Mesh
@On9, June 9 - June 28 * Swim Suit:Sky - June 2015 Group Gift Group Gift
* Necklace:BLOKC-Necklace Turqouise @CYOT  The Empress (June 15th-July1st)
Ears: *Epic* Mesh Elfin Ears {Thankful Feathers} 
Tattoo:/ INVADER! // Native Dreamer  *


Hair:Moon. Hair. // Moonlight  Group Gift!  * Outfit: (BYRNE) Empress Soon Outfit -Crimson @CYOT  The Empress (June 15- July 1st) * Heels: Sky - Harmony sandals 4 Color
Only L$199 On Marketplace  * Pose:.snaphappy.Tove Single Set (1) *

Going To Jurassic World!

Hubby dragged me out of the house. Which I much needed. We went to see Jurassic world. Which was AMAZING, A lot more cooler then  I expected. I thought it would be lame, you know because they have made so many. Nope. I LOVED IT. Wont give to many spoilers, but fell in love with the Raptures!
(Note to Readers this pose is old, and it does not include the dinosaur,  I found  this fellow on the sim I love to take photos on that allows limited time rez-rights, so i Rezzed the pose ball by him, as this pose worked perfectly for my theme. I am not sure if this pose is sold Anymore. It was A Halloween pose. The Knife is Included.  The Dinosaur is not.)
Pose:~Just Posing~ {Where Are You Going?} * Hair:  +Spellbound+ Muse (Candy) // Chapter II : Sky @ The Arcade
* Necklace:BLOKC- Crystal Necklace - Amethyst Aura G 3 @CYOT  The Empress (June 15th-July1st)  * Shirt: [The Nebulae!] Adelaide Top - salus Infirmorum @CYOT  The Empress (June 15th-July1st) * Pants:  -Pixicat- Rogue - Brown
Eyeliner Drip:
.:: AYA …


Unicorns are my comfort animal I guess you could call them. I have always thought them as healing creatures. They are hiding in many different areas of my real life home.  Even ask Rosy of The Rosy Side Of things.  They Are not ' IN YOUR FACE.. Omg pie you have a problem. ' Just simply placed, and probably unnoticeable to most people. But they are there, and on my bad days, they make me feel better in a weird way.  Today is a kind of a: 'I am okay, but I'm not okay.'  My head pressure is awful and I keep getting sharp pains in the back of my skull.  So naturally I found the nearest unicorn. :p
Hair: little bones. Nightingale - Blondes
* Outfit:Livid : Apprentice Doll Box
@Witchy Hour Hunt June 1st- June 30th
* Pose:  Arsenal // Pose Set 07 {Pose43}

Don't Wait

This Post today is Inspired by Joey Graceffas New music video. I just love the message this music video inspires. Not only was the music video inspiring to many young people... but it was sort of Joeys 'coming out' Video.  And you know what, I love the way he did it. I relate with it in many different ways. I am not gay of course,  I relate with it  Because it talks about being yourself, and not being afraid to be yourself.  About not caring what other people think, and being Brave.

Pose:Something New~ Shopping for Pie
@Shopping For Pie (Note to readers, this pose it made for two people. Its meant for an adult and a child. I subbed the Child by putting a umbrella in my hand, where i would normally being holding the leg of the child sitting on my shoulder. As you can see with a little imagination  the pose works as a single pose too. The Suit case comes with it, Along with a little toy for the child to hold.) *
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Miranda Non-Rig Mesh * Dress:Sky - Amanda Dress Tan
@Color M…

World at Large

I like songs about drifters - books about the same.
They both seem to make me feel a little less insane.
Walked on off to another spot.
I still haven't gotten anywhere that I want.
Did I want love? Did I need to know?
Why does it always feel like I'm caught in an undertow?

The moths beat themselves to death against the lights.
Adding their breeze to the summer nights.
Outside, water like air was great. 

-world at large By Modest Mouse

Pose:.snaphappy. Overjoyed
@ 5th Ave  ( this round June 6th-19th)

*Me* Crown: Nana - Hilary Crown
@Witchy Hour Hunt June 1st- June 30th * Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Lexique Rigged-Mesh
@On9, June 9 - June 28
* Shirt:+ black moon +  Cropped Turtleneck - Hocus Pocus
@ kowai kawai June 13-July 13th
* Pants:Sky - Star Struck Skinny Jeans
*Hubby* Hair: *Drot* - The Jeremy 2.0 - Black Ice
* Outfit: *-*Electric Feel Fashion*-*Palmer
{L$ 60 MP}
* Boots::EC:. ABL Army Boots [Baele *
Skin:Emos~SERGIO *


Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Tanner Rigged Mesh  (made for Men, but as you can see, some woman can pull it off) @We Love Roleplay,  June 4 - June 28 * Eye Left : + black moon +  Coven Eyes 1  @Witchy Hour Hunt June 1st- June 30th Eye Right: + black moon +  Coven Eyes 2 @Witchy Hour Hunt June 1st- June 30th * Chest Tattoo: / INVADER! // Skulls N Roses @Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair Opened June 1st * Arm tattoo: =sexy bish=Wiccan Goddess Arm Tattoo @Witchy Hour Hunt June 1st- June 30th
 * Swimsuit:/ INVADER! // Dip Dye Bodysuit - Eye On You @The Showroom Started June 3rd * Leg Tattoo:/ INVADER! // Native Dreamer  * Pose:.snaphappy.Tove Singles  (1)
Ears: *Epic* Mesh Elfin Ears {Thankful Feathers}  *

Create Your Destiny

I know this outfit it is a little out of my comfort zone, but I think the little alien is perfect at this time. It depicts just how I feel about my brain invader right now. Today was the day my brain surgery was shed.... so lets just say it a rough day for me. Really sucks I need to keep living with this tell My insurance can be switched in Nov. It like..really really sucks. I am very greatful to every one who has helped/ is helping out tho! Thank you guys! Even with this new insurance I  will still need to pay  between 28-70K (USD) out of pocket.  So Shopping for pie is still going on guys! And my Go Fund Me Is still active. 

Hair: Moon. Hair. //  Isolation Group Gift! * Outfit:/ INVADER! // Millie Net Set - Fck Humanz @Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair Opened June 1st * Heels:#187# Cute Skull Heels  * Nails: The Horror!~Totally 90's Nails  * Pose:  ~Just Posing~ Cutie * Ears: *Epic* Mesh Elfin Ears {Thankful Feathers} 

Lull it By

I had meant to get two more posts in before june rolled around, but Saturday was a bad health  day for me, and Sunday was also  a bad health day for me and I also went to visit my mom. She needed a little help contacting a rescue as she recently got her hands on (not the best way to word it) a stray kitten, that looks like it may be blind and or have some developmental problems. Me being the animal activist I am, I  knew who to contact.  So I took some videos and sent them to a wonderful 'True No Kill' Rescue Called Luckys Place. They where more then willing take him, and get him the help he needs. I will try to keep my contact with them, to see what they find out about what his medical diagnoses might be. I feel he may have been born with half a brain, as he seems like he sees, but doesn't comprehend what he sees.  I've seen a few other animals like before. --- ANYWAYS,  for all My fellow Pagans, Wiccans, goths and whatnots.  Witchy Hour Hunt Has started!!!