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Without you things go hazy

Things have been bumpier Emotionally for me lately. With finding out my Invader may in fact be a Tumor and not  a cyst, and that its growing. Also now My symptoms have been getting worst. Its getting rough. My suck it up O-Meter is about to break. BUT I have a Rock that will not Move, and  has been on my side through all of this. Who has supported me, hugged me through the dizzy spells, kissed the migraine tears away, and even picked me up and bushed me off. My husband.   I am grateful everyday to have him. I Love you baby!

Pose:.snaphappy.My Everything @"TRES CHIC VENUE" Starts May 1st

*Me* Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Sloane Rigged-Mesh
@Fameshed, May 1 - May 28

* Hair Base:  .ploom.Mystic V2 - Indecisive RARE
(the hair base from this hair.)
* Dress: Sky - Josie Black
 Only L$199 On MP
* Shoes:#187# Winged Socks
* Skin: .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~

*Hubby* Hair: *Drot* - The Jeremy 2.0 - Black Ice
* Outfit: *-*Electric Feel Fashion*-*Palmer
{L$ 60 MP}
* Boots::EC:. ABL Army Boots [Basic] *

Chain Of Love

I am over Whelmed (in a good way) with all
the love and support I have been getting the past few days from
many people In the Secondlife community. Thank you every one.
I am working on a official Blog to display stores and their items for my fundraiser,
But for now I will be modeling and blogging them in-between my normal sponsor posts, as
a thank you :)

Hair: little bones. Nightingale - Blondes
Dress:Sky- Karin Dress 4 Color

Heels: Aparecium ~ "TEAM PIE" Set Slink High ONLY
{4} Shopping For Pie 'Marathon'  Event
Nails: Rosetta's Garden-Cupcake Pastel
Only L$ 25 On MarketPlace
Skin: ..:: AYA ::.. Ada - Angel Food - 03
Eyeliner:.:: AYA ::.. Ada - Eye Ad
Lipstick:.:: AYA ::.. Ada - Angel Food - Lipstick 1

Pose:~Just Posing~ Cutie

Feast Of The Heart

Ok so as Promised in last post, here is a litle info about the Fund Raising 'event'
I am doing.
" Shopping for Pie" 
It is a Store to Store 'Marathon' style event. It has no start date,
and the end date is to be determined as I can't  have the surgery tell I have all the money,so i will
have to keep pushing the date out until i can pay them. At this time surgery Date is June 16th, payment do this friday, tho she said to get back to her as soon as I hear from the list of Insurances she suggested (not much hope in them) . :(
 I could make payments but its 6.5 % interest rate it need to be paid within one year.

This event  is basically just a way
for store owners who want to help out with my fund raising.
All you do is shoot me a Notecard or a Im asking if you can be apart.
I toss you a folder, with a script that you can use to make a vender. This vender
with split profit with each sale of whatever  item you put it in. (one item per vender)
You can set…

Lucky now

"I don’t remember, were we wild and young
All that’s faded into memory
I feel like somebody I don’t know
Are we really who we used to be
Am I really who I was"
 -Lucky now By Ryan adams
So so sorry for the unannounced break. Health Problems+ trying to get a sl fund raiser together.  Which I will tell you guys about in the next post or so.
Guess what?!
 Rosy, My Sister/BFF and owner of  Rosetta's Garden
made her 1st slink nails! They are so adorable, I just HAD to
wear them. 

May the unicorns and cupcakes be with you!

Hair:  little bones. Nightingale - Blondes * Necklace:Sky - Divina Necklace @Color Me Project - Black Round * Nails:Rosetta's Garden-Cupcake Pastel Only L$ 25 On MarketPlace
* Dress: K-Pie Designs: Spring Dress {Unicorn}
@NFC- Cherry Blossom Festival Ends The 27th (Relay for Life Fund Raiser)
* Heels:Sky - Divina Stilettos @Color Me Project - Black Round * Skin:.:: AYA ::.. Ella - Angel Food -03 eyebrow F
Pose:~Just Posing~ Kawaii Girl (1)

Couldn't be a puppet on a string

'I always knew I would one day be here
But I couldn't be a puppet on a string
I've had my fights often I've been KO'd
But I've got back up no I won't give in'

Jem ' I Always knew'

{Click For Bigger Image}

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Selena hair @CYOT  The Magician (April 15 – May 1 /2015) * Little Buddy: [geek.] Hows it Gnoming? - RARE Rodrigo
 @TAG GACHA Started April 17th * Shirt: *LalaLand*Evie White
 * Belt:::OXI:: Verna Belt {dark}

* Skirt: *LalaLand* Lace Skirt White
@25L Spring Hunt April 10th-24th
@CYOT  The Magician (April 15 – May 1 /2015) *  Poses:  .snaphappy. Aria (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6) @Dressing Room started April 10th

One Two Three

Really love this pose by   ~Just Posing~  so so cute and it can be found at The Pose Fair . Also my dress and tights by + black moon +  are so adorable! Also.. I HAVE ALMOST REACH 20000 VIEWS! OMGOSHES!!
"One two three count one two three
We could watch the black birds cross the skies
We could count the leaves left on the trees
We could count the teardrops in our eyes"
-THE PIERCES 'You'll be Mine'

Hair:little bones. Glass Leaf Free Group Gift {Group is 100 Lindens to Join}  * Ears: K-Pie Designs: CinnaBow Ears- Rainbow RARE *  Dress: + black moon +  Cross Dress - Black  * Tights: + black moon +  Silhouette Tights - Unicorn  * Heels: Sky - Baby Bad Girl Boots Black
 * Pose w/lollies:  ~Just Posing~ Sugar Rush @ The Pose Fair

Wild Child

"Looks like royal in a thrift store dress
Keeps my heart and her hair a mess
She goes where the wind suggests she goes, who knows
Got a spirit that can't be tamed"

Hair: little bones. Wasted Free Group Gift {Group is 100 Lindens to Join} * Shirt: AURORA - Crop Tie Front Shirt  - Triangulate
* Pants: *LalaLand* Tahj Lilac @25L Spring Hunt
* Skin:..:: AYA ::.. Ella - Cracker Bitz -Natural Eyebrow F * Skin  Tattoo:..:: AYA ::.. Anna - SunBurned Nose Addon - Cracker Bitz
* Poses: .snaphappy.Taylor (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6) @ 5th Ave

Cut from marble

'I'm a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm
And the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold
My blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones
It keeps my veins hot, the fires find a home in me
I move through town, I'm quiet like a fire
And my necklace is of opal, I tie it and untie it'
-Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Keats Rigged-Mesh @The 100 Block, April 9 - April 30
* Necklace:Aparecium~ {The Magician}Mesh Necklace  @CYOT  The Magician (April 15 – May 1 /2015) * Ring Oval:..HollyWeird. Moon Goddess // Ring 1  * Outfit:.::BitchTail::. Starr  * Shoes: Aparecium~ The Magician Heels @CYOT  The Magician (April 15 – May 1 /2015) * Kitty: Little Llama - Magic Cat for  your Shoulder (black) @CYOT  The Magician (April 15 – May 1 /2015) *
Poses:.snaphappy.Chisa (3) @Kreepy Kawaii Event
Skin:..:: AYA ::.. Anna - Angel Food -01 Eyebrow F

Maybe Tomorrow

 'Maybe tomorrow you will make a change
Maybe someday soon you will find the strength'
-'First Aid Kit - 'Blue'
Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Keats Rigged-Mesh @The 100 Block, April 9 - April 30
* Head Piece: .::Supernatural::. Isis Head Piece-gold Blue
* Necklace::OXI:: Chouette Necklace-Metal Gold
@The Countdown Room
* Ring Claw: .HollyWeird. Siren - Ring // Solo (R)
* Ring Oval:..HollyWeird. Moon Goddess // Ring 1 * Dress: Sky - Special Edition Lace Dreams Silver
@Color Me Project Pink Round - Started April10th * Shoes: Sky - Ariah Stiletto Silver
@Color Me Project Pink Round - Started April10th *
Poses:.snaphappy.Chisa (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6)
@Kreepy Kawaii Event
Skin:..:: AYA ::.. Anna - Angel Food -01 Eyebrow F

I wanta Be..

So I thought a fun and warm hearted post is what I needed after my last post.    This pose by .snaphappy.Is super super cute, there are many different jobs to picked from with this pose. I chose this one, as this is what I wanted to be when I was little.  I still want to be something along these lines.  As I truly have a passion for animals. It can be found at the  Playroom April 2015 like my blog? Why not check out my sister's blog The Rosy Side Of Things. She will be posting a few posts that me and her did together soon here. So keep your eyes peeled!
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Asha Non-Rig Mesh {Group Gift}
Outfit: [Lc] Sparkle lamb Dress {5 Linden On Marketplace}

Doggie:[geek.] Hug Puppy RARE ANIMATED Silver RARE {Store is Closed}

Pose:.snaphappy.When I grow up....Veterinarian
Playroom April 2015 (Goes until the end of April) Avatar:**Cute Bytes**~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8)

Skin: .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~

We Need to Talk

I figured it was time I write a totally official post on my fashion blog about my battle with my Brain invader. 

For the past 4 years I have been dealing with a few heath things. The health problems started out small. They were easily brushed off by me and my Doctors at first. As i had just had my second kid, and was jumping  through the hoops to find help for my son. As at the time we didn't know he had autism. So my doctor and I both Brushed off my Dizziness, headaches,  black outs (my version would go dark for a few seconds at a time) As just being very tired and just possible Migraines as they can cause visual problems. Not soon after talking to my doctor I started to get Numbness in my right arm, But  I also brushed this off. As  when i was 18 I had a horse back riding mishap where I flew off and landed on my elbow and shattered it to a million pieces, They had to replace it with a fake joint. So i fingered the numbness was just from holding my new born a lot. Even tho I neve…

I'm queen of the clouds

So I was Accepted to be a blogger for witchy hour hunt which starts in  June. So I did a little Tping around to the sponsor stores, to check them out as I've been trying to find more Pastel Goth, Pegan, ect type stores.  As these styles  match the moods I've been in and my beliefs at this moment. I am glad I checked the sponsors of the event out!  I am tight on lindens as all Tips and sales from my store are going to  my "Brain Surgery Fundraiser." So it was nice to find a few free Gifts and 1L hunt things to help really get a feel of these amazing stores. *Also I'll be making a more detailed post about why I need brain surgery for anyone who wants to check up on whats up with that. I'll probably be doing it after this post. As I realized I haven't made a Totally 'official'  post on this blog explaining everything.

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Mena Rigged-Mesh   @The Chapter Four, April 4 - April 25
Nose Ring: .HollyWeird. Yum Drops -Septum Piercing- @Ch…

Happy Easter!

Sorry I have been MIA. Was Just taking some 'Me time'. Was gonna wait tell Monday to post again.. but I thought I should wish you all a Happy Easter! Have a very Happy Easter to every one who celebrates it.    And if you don't... Then happy another day alive!  Its worth celebrating for either way :)

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Mena Rigged-Mesh @The Chapter Four, April 4 - April 25
Camera:[geek.]Shutter Obscura - BLUE {MainStore Closed :( } 
Romper: Sky - Tatum Romper @Secret Wednesday

Nails:K-Pie Designs: Happy Easter{Slink Finger&toenails}  On Marketplace -LIMITED to 100 Sales-Only L$ 10
Skin:...:: AYA ::..Zoey - Angel Food-Natural Eyebrow F

Pose:.snaphappy.Zoie (#5)  @ SL Vouge
Doggie:  CJ Creations -Easter ~ Basket with cute Dogs  0 LGift on Market Place