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Rainy night

It is raining here... so can't sleep. I love the rain, but saddly my brain does not. It makes me so sick. Can't lay as i feel like puking. So I thought I'd keep my self busy.
(Click image to enlarge)

Hair: Little bones.. Yuno (Wide-Fit){Group GIFT}* Tank: Sky  Knotted Tee Shirt Neutrals (black) * Shorts:**UrbanStreet**  Cupy Short BlkCream Standar * Purse: #187# Marguerite Yellow Bag *Hand* @Whimsical August 18 - September 18 * Collar: #187# Fetish Collar Bitch   Fetish Fair 2016 - August 19 to September 02 * Pose: [Expressive Poses ] - Rita
1 Linden On Market Place  * White Eye:  ~*BySnow*~ Dolly Eyes (Blind) L$1 Marketplace * Blue eye: #adored - miasma eyes - echo * Ears: MANDALA]STEKING_EARS UNISEX_Season 5

Chalk It Up To Chi

This year has been a year... this summer has been a summer. Loosing a friend, Brain surgery, helix piercing, dinosaurs, zoos, camping, dog getting lost, dog getting found, vlogging, shootings, deaths, meeting my hero Charles trippy, meeting all the members of We the kings, seeing Sam beam and Jesca hoop preform, getting a hamster,  ect.... its been something else I tell ya. Lets just chalk it up to Chi, and the balance of the universe. 
(click photo to see it enlarged)

Hair: Little bones.. Yuno (Wide-Fit)
{Group GIFT}

Tank: Sky - Boho Tank Jewels {Colbalt Blue}

Shorts: [ abrasive ] Thrasher Shorts - Azurite -
Body Paint:**UrbanStreet** Bohemian Bodypaint-Black B
SaNaRae-Started August 25th, 2016 Necklace:*Epic*  Melty Heart.Lock Necklace {Ice}

Poses: Something New~Blog My Pose

Real Life Vlog ?!

As i said in the last post I  will be slowly easing back into blogging. BUT if you really miss me... Check out my Real Life YouTube Vlog. Yes that is  right I have a vlog. We vlog almost everyday. Unless I am having a very bad day.  Been doing it for almost 3 months now :) 
feel free to check it out, Sub, and Like stuff :) My goal is to get 100 Subs so I can edit the youtube URL name thing. as you need 100 subs now to do that.  Or so that is what I read. Its a new 'Update'.
Love you guys <3

Hello Strangers

Hey guys. I know its been oh so long....  I stopped Sl during my recovery. I tried to come back, but realized it was to soon.   Well I am now 5 Months post op, and I am ready to start easing back into it.
I might not post as much at first. Maybe 2-3 times a month.  I don't want to over do it, as i am still recovering and still have bad days. Though good days out weigh the bad days now :) Anyways lets move on to the outfit I picked out for today.

 (click photo to see it bigger)

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*  Adette Non-Rig Mesh 
Necklace:OXIDE Curved Necklace {Female Size}
@The Thrift Shop,  Aug. 6 - 28, 2016

Dress: adoness : dionysus dress - obsidian
    @The Thrift Shop,  Aug. 6 - 28, 2016

Heels: SwaggedOut Femme - Britt Heels- Black
(not sure of this store is open anymore)
Pose: [Expressive Poses] - Candice
On Market Place