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Shoot For The Moon

So guys. As I promised, I am going to tell you what i have been doing the past few weeks. So i may have mentioned it a few times in the past....  photography has always been my passion. If you follow me on any social media in rl, you would know I am always taking photos. Well Before my Surgery to remove my brain tumor, I had decided that I would stop sitting on my  thumbs, and take my raw talent and make something of it. Well as of mine and my husbands 7 year anniversary Oct 24th, I am officially a business owner.  We made our Photography Business a registered legit business I've already had a few clients, and have one Event this Saturday to take photos at, and then on Sunday I have another photo shoot.    You know this year has been a year of growth for me (and more ways than one *pinches her fat roll*) If this year has taught me anything, its that life is short to not be yourself. Life is to short to let things bug you, life is to short to let the past stop you, life is to shor…

Baby Steps..

A lot going on in my life right now,  I'll let you all in on it soon. Enjoy this post with some more sneak peaks from limited. 

(click image to enlarge)
* Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Benji Rigged Mesh *  Head Piece::Diamante: Stardrop Bindi  @Limited Opens Nov 1st-5th (LM soon) * Eyes:+ Kawaii Whore + Sirens Sight Eyes W/Hud
@Limited Opens Nov 1st-5th (LM soon) * Necklace:OXIDENarcissa Collar w/Hud @Hocus Pocus Event, Oct 24th-Nov 4th * Nails:  alme.   Precious Limited  @Limited Opens Nov 1st-5th (LM soon) * Shirt:  Sky  - Go To Tank  Dark Violet *  Jeans:AMERICAN BAZAAR- Frosty Jeans Indigo *
Heels: [Zombie Suicide] Limited Heels (w/hud) @Limited Opens Nov 1st-5th (LM soon)  * Pose: :North Moon: My Hamster stand 2 


Getting all ready for Halloween! So today I bring you some goodies from LIMITED Which Opens November 1st and Ends November 5th!  I am in love with these eyes from + Kawaii Whore +, Also really enjoy the heels by  [Zombie Suicide] Both will be at Limited!

(Click Image to Enlarge)
Hair: little bones. Pogo  * eyes: + Kawaii Whore + Sirens Sight Eyes W/Hud @Limited Opens Nov 1st-5th (LM soon) * Teeth: #187# Teeth Deco Star   @Haus of Swag Oct 21 - Nov 4 * Mouth: Loud Mouth - Brandee v3.0  * Outfit(top, skirt, bows):1 Hundred. Bad Kitty. Violet @ BUY NOW Oct. 1st - 31st. * Leggins: #187# Leggings Neon Black   @ black dot project 11 oct  - 4 nov * Shoes:  [Zombie Suicide] Limited Heels (w/hud)
@Limited Opens Nov 1st-5th (LM soon) * Pose: :North Moon: Just Treats   *


Today I bring you a cute broken dolly Halloween outfit idea! Enjoy! 

Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Jestina @Hairology  Oct 10 - Oct 28 * Nose Ring:UNIQUE STORE Nose piercing - Gold L$1 On Mp Dress:1 Hundred. Call Me Mini. Blue @ the Designers ShowcaseOctober 5th - October 31st
* Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** DirtyBroken Tattoo
* Pose:[Curvosity]  - Good Girl Kemono 01 * Shoes:+ black moon + Lilith Boots -Noir * Ears:MANDALA-STEKING_EARS UNISEX_Season 5

Stand By You

Today I bring you a cute pose by Something New. If you haven't checked out their Halloween themed sim, you should! -Here-

Pose: Something New ~Fall Kisses
Kelpie Hair: little bones. Nightingale - Blondes  * Outfit:  .::BitchTail::. Discuss Me *

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Ashton Non-Rigged Mesh * Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Echo - Tone 5 - Natural * Beard:.Chicago Ink. - Beard Type F * Jeans:<kal rau> Jeans (I think these  jeans are retired)  * Shirt:  LEVENCHY-MALE CREW NECK Only L$1

It Might Be Scary

(Click Image To see Enlarged )
Crown:OXIDE -Astarte Crown  @The Nightmare Event-Starting Oct 01st, 2016 * Hair: little bones. Nightingale - Blondes * Face tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Curious Paint Head-C @The Nightmare Event-Starting Oct 01st, 2016 * Nose Piercing:#187#  Angel Pearl Septum Gold  * Top: [QE] Sydney Bustier -NEW *  Skirt:[QE] Urban Denim Skirt /Black Fades/ @☆BUY NOW☆ OCTOBER  * Shoes:+ black moon + Lilith Boots -Noir * Pose: :North Moon: Happy Halloween Pose 4 *

Die Alive

So today I tped to This really PRETTY sim, to take photos for this post. Well... I  had a epic battle with a white Peacock today. He didn't want me to take photos by 'His teacup'. Kept pushing me away, just right when I almost had the right angle. I guess you could say I was "Beating the Cock" Or that he was "Cock Blocking me" LMAO!
 (Click Images To see Enlarged )

Horns: +Half-Deer+ Noire Antlers - Birds of a Feather * Ears:MANDALA-STEKING_EARS UNISEX_Season 5 * Hair:little bones. Nightingale - Blondes  * Face Tattoo:**UrbanStreet** Bruise Eyes  (Gift) @The Nightmare Event-Starting Oct 01st, 2016   *  Tongue:#187#  Tongue Chained
@  Bodyfy Oct 8 - Oct 24 *
Nose Piercing:#187#  Angel Pearl Septum Gold 
* Body Tattoo:**UrbanStreet** FantasyTattoo
Necklace:KOSH- RIBBON NECKLACE  FREE unisex necklace On MP 
Shirt:[QE] Sydney Bustier -NEW  * Jeans: AMERICAN BAZAAR- Frosty Jeans Blue  * Shoes:+ black moon + Lilith Boots -Noir
Pose (Top Photo): [Curvosity] - Go…

Everybodys watching her..

(Click Image to Enlarge it) Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Benji Rigged Mesh * Shirt: Sweet Evil - 50's Babe Top . Black Stripe @ Retro Rewind // Depraved Nation Event * Shorts:-Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted - Blue  * Stockings:**UrbanStreet** Stocking Tattoo doggy  * Nose Piercing:#187#  Angel Pearl Septum Gold  * Earrings+necklace: OXIDE Aida Set [Earrings + Necklace]  * Heels:Sky- Stormy Boots Black * Pose: [Curvosity]  - Heavy Pumpkin    *