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Journal Day 8: Sorry Sir

SO the poll was in, and only two people voted (giggles to her self), It was a tie. Something Sexy and something Halloween Related. SOOOOOO I made a cop outfit. Not much else to say, as I was only on long enough to tell rachael I wont be on tonight D: , and to make/put the item on the market place.

I've been checking my emails no and off today, and 6 of the oct gifts have already been bought! Oh my. :) Some people wonder why I make 1L item and its simply people I love making people happy, and anyway to get other people to notice my stuff is nice too. I make everything from the heart.

 I am also a full blown Freebie, and low Linden Item hunter. As what I make from sales goes into making  my items, I rarely have money to Buy anything special for my self. Mind you, i love and support all stores and do buy more then freebies and low Linden items when I can.

Journal Day 7: Orange

I was setting up the house, all Halloween like today. I found a cute little outfit at ~Buttons & Bows~ to dress Rachael up in.

Fashion Details: Rachaels dress: ~Buttons & Bows~ Her hair: [elikatira] Toddledoo Avi Halloween chair: All things Snuggles

Journal Day 6: Mad Mad

Got done with my Mad hatter Inspired outfits, posted them on the marketplace, and on the stores blog. I am very proud of them.    I did two versions, I did a more sexy one,( that shows alot more skin then the mad hatter ever )would, and a more classy one. That looks like more how the mad hatter him self might dress. I love them both, but I have to say I think I love the classier one the most. As it screams him.    I wish I had been able to make shoes to go with that one too, but not this time. BUT the shoes in the Poster for Mad Time, are like between 1 and 10 Lindens I believe. So... Hint hint (the stores Called KoKo I got them on the marketplace.)    Tho good news the Leg warmer shoes DO  come with Mad World.
I'm missing Rachael today, but she has rl things. Which is fine. RL ALWAYS COMES 1st in my book. 
As soon as the poll closes for the 1L gift, I will start on the Item for that. (you still have time to vote if you haven't- its under the people of the world map on the…

Journal Day 5: MAD MAD HATTER

Today I logged on at nap time, I wont be on later tonight to spend time with rachael as tonight is rl movie night. Miss my Rachael tho :(.  BUT I thought I would work a little on some outfits.  One story that Is close to my a heart, Among just a hand full of others. Is Wonderland. and whats wonderland with out....THE  HATTER!
Hes the main male Person in Wonderland, hes also sort of a outcast in a way. I've read many different Versions of wonderland, and even stories based on the mad hatter him self.
Along side Dustfinger in Ink Hart, I have to say the Mad hatter is one of my fav male characters

So I thought I'd do a female, and sightly sexy Vers, Of the mad hatter. SOOOOO be looking out for that, it MIGHT be the 1L gift this month, or it Might not be. I'm not sure yet. Waiting for votes on the pulls. Not sure. 

Then I saw my best friend for a few mins before I logged off. Jr.  Me and him are like pb&j. Best of friends. I got his back hes got mine. Tho lately do to my R…

Journal Day 4: The Right Pumpkin

Today me and Rachael went to, two different places. We went to check out Kids Reserve in Rainbow City<--(click to go to) Its a very pretty Place.

Then next we went to I have say.. the the coolest place I have found in a long time. A place where you can pick, Carve and bring home your VERY OWN PUMPKIN that you carved! Omgosh! we had so much fun!
Chimeric Arts & Fashions Pumpkin Farm in  Port Caledon (<-- click to tp to. )

As you can tell by the way I took tons of photos. that I really loved this place, and its so nice to see kind people do stuff like this for other people.

Journal Day 3: Hanging out

I got on sl late tonight, around 8:30 Pm my time. So I didn't do to much. Just snuggled Rachael, and gave her a bath, and made up a humpty Dumpty story for bed time.
She hates baths so I Told her if she was good in the bath I would let her help me dye my hair.  (my avis a natural blonde, I dye it red to match Rachaels.  -RP-)
She was good in the bath, but to tired to help me tonight. So next time I am on, she gets to help me dye its.  *fingers crossed* Mights not be red for a while.. she will probably pick pinks. Which is fine with me :D

Angel Babies

This is little rl personal, But I have my self suffered from a Miscarriage. Between my two kids. My son will be five this year and my Daughter will be 3 This year.  My angel baby, She/He would have been 4 This year.   So don't just remember to save the boobies this month, Remember the babies too. 
This is why I sort of look down at RP huds on sl, that allow you to Miscarriage. Why make a hud that will make you loose a baby if you go afk for 5 mins. I understand people want it to feel like the real deal...but that's just to much.. Or people who say "oh I lost it." like its no big deal. I get its a game, but it just really bugs me.  I guess its because I know the pain of the real deal. Sorry if I Offended anyone. 
I'll make sure my next post is more sl related and more fun. Thank you for letting me vent. 

Journal Day 2:Rachael and Sir Cocoa

Today I just logged on to see if my Secondlife daughter was on before I went to take a rl bath. She was on, waiting in her crib.  Today Rachael met Sir Cocoa, he was sleeping do to being sick (in my inventory to long, just found him again), but I thought it was so cute seeing them together.  Me and and Rachael have not seen each other for a while, (other then on the 10th) Due to my secondlife break. So it was nice to hang with my baby girl again.

Journal Day 1: Why a Journal?

I already Own/Run a blog, for my Second life  marketplace store K-pie Designs, But after reading a old friends of mines personal journal, Rosy's thoughts. I thought why not do one my self, Based on secondlife.   On here I will be posting daily outfits mayhaps,and just basically talking about things that go on in my secondlife. I might later on do a realife blog, maybe. I am not sure yet.  SO sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Under Construction

Will be up and running soon... Sorry for the mess >_> <_<