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The Impossible

I have to sadly report... That my Mother in Law is no longer in this world.
She passed away,surrounded by friends and family, On the night of the 21st . 
Dr's Guess was she always had high blood pressure she didn't know about,
that along side the fact that she had Anemia (which she did know about.), caused her to have a aneurysm.
It started In her Brain stem, and it damaged all the imporant
parts in her brain. They said if it had been ANYWHERE else in the brain
her survival rate would have been A LOT better.  
So  I have been MIA  do to grieving, my symptoms, and my kids
picked up some awful flu when we saw her one last time
at the hospital.  I know this is my blog...and i really don't need
to apologize. Specially because I have a very GOOD reason. But
sorry once again for being MIA!
Life keeps tossing stuff our way, but we are stubborn bitches my husband and I.
So we will be okay! Put your head high, and punch them demons in the face! 
That all you can do!
Love you guys <3

Hair: little bones. Puck
Nose Ring: ::Lustrage::Ryouta Septum((Skull))
Lip Rig: ~Tantalum~ Skeleton Hands Lip Piercings*
Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Fantasy Tattoo- Middle
Dress: -YellowStore- Dress Galaxy - Choco
Heels: ::ɦǟքքʏʄǟƈɛ:: "Throwbackz"  Booties Almond
Bracelet: [ bubble ] Cut Heart Cuff Gold
Nails: K-Pie Designs: Be Super! Nails {SLINK}
Pose: .snaphappy. Aria single pose pack


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